Monday, June 8, 2009

#4 From Ecuador: Letter to all families from the Leader

Everything is going fantastic. We have spent the week with the church at Carmon Bajo. Our week has been distributed between construction projects in and around the church, and some in the neighborhoods. All of us are getting used to being covered in cement dust. The afternoons have been set aside for VBS that we have spent with the precious children there. Jocelyn and Taylor headed up two very good VBS´.
The kids love being picked up by a lot of the guys. Jonathan, Sam, Connor, Zeppi, we have had fun doing skits for them. The younger girls have fallen in love with the babies. Carmi, Rebecca, Maya, and Lydia have been swooning over the babies. Josh E and Evan have been nonstop shovelers of concrete and dirt. Some of the older girls have been mentoring some of the younger girls. Charlotte, Lauren B., Christina, and Holly have spent a lot of time with the middle age girls in the project. I have been most surprised with Allyssa. She has responded so well and is a great missionary.
We were able to go down to help a wheelchair bound man about a mile and a half away from the project. We built a ramp in his house so he will no longer be housebound. Mr. Floyd, Mr. Millar, Shelly, Andrew, Katie were instrumental in making it happen. Today we are going to a school in the Carmon Bajo neighborhood where we will be passing out gospels of John as gifts and inviting them to our program tonight at the church. This is purely an evangelistic opportunity and we are all excited.
The boys in my room have been great. Nick Connor has been doing great and is not sick this year. He is a great leader. Christian is getting himself set up to be a captain next year and I have seen times of brilliance. Zeppi gave a bible study during dinner the other night and everyone was very impressed how God has spoken to him.

We had a terrific time with the Compassion children yesterday. It was probably the most special time we have had with the kids. It has been fun watching Lisa trying to play soccer with the kids. They kicked the ball around her and she was going in circles. Stephen came back from the paddle boats soaked. Mrs. Stein has been a blessing to us as she has been capturing great photo moments. Mr. Schlenker is our steady constant presence. We have truly been blessed to have him with us. Jena, Mrs. Haggard have been spending a lot of time at Eloheim teaching the young kids. Barbara has truly become Mama Scales. The 2 cagey veterans Preston and Katie O. have really stepped up this year, this being their second year, and have become great leaders. They both have been really quick to serve in any capacity where they are needed.
Speaking of leaders, I have never ceased to be amazed at Aubrey´s leadership skills. She is always thinking ahead and keeps me on track taking care of the most minute details. Everyone is doing a fantastic job. I am so proud of ALL of them.
Please keep up the prayers. Most specifically, pray for our bus travels, our success in the school today. Pray that we have a large turnout for our evangelistic meeting. Continue to pray for everyone´s health.

This is a tired Mr. Scales signing off...
Blessings to you all and your families...

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