Wednesday, June 10, 2009

#9 From Ecuador: Email from Leader in El Coca

Today was the most beautiul day I personally spent it Ecuador, the trip we took through the mountains and waterfalls and the jungle and the mist and the lakes and the people and the landscape...I´m totally in awe. We spent the first six hours traveling to Coca. Then we stopped at the hotel, which is quite nice but no air so it looks great. We went to the project and got introduced to the people and the children and of course I was so overwhelmed I couldn´t do much else but cry. Later, we went to move bricks and helped get a wall up. Tomorrow is going to be the really hard working day at the project. We will be installing a water tank and two bathrooms. I´ve got so much to tell you about this place but I´m really pressed for time at this little internet cafe... suffice to say we are tired, hot, dirty and want a shower otherwise we are overwhelmed with the need here in the jungle with the indian people. When Christina, Holly, Violeta, Sam, Preston, Nick, Mr Floyd, or I want to tell you about it ,give us a moment of your time. They are such a precious people group. We are also planning to do the proclaimers if possible tomorrow.

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