Wednesday, June 10, 2009

#8 From Ecuador: Email from one of the kids that went to El Coca

Hello everybody, I hope this email finds you all well!

I am now in El Coca, a small poor village 6 hours driving away from Quito! The nine of us in our small group left early this morning and traveled here. It was absolutely beautiful! There was so much green and jungle and waterfalls everywhere! We arrived safely and even got to try some sugarcane juice on the side of the road that a lady made for us! We worked for a few hours since it was already late in the afternoon and then were shown some of the things that the Elohim church is doing here. It is so hot and humid it is ridiculous, but we still need to wear long pants and shirts to avoid bug bites. Yesterday Pastor Alejandro gave an amazing speech about the vison of his church, Elohim. Their vision is to start 100 churches with 100 pastors! It was very convicting and really made me want to be a missionary/pastor to one of those churces! El Coca is the 2nd church and by the end of the year Pastor Alejandro says that there will be seven totally completed and functional!! By next year a team will be sent to help start an orphanage at another city. We will be here the next 3 days working all day and then doing VBS´s in the late afternoon. Please pray for us that we will be safe and that God will open the hearts of this city and it´s people. Alejandro explained that there are a lot of problems here including alcoholism, drugs, and prostitution. We hope to be a light to these desperate people. Pray also for continued strength physically and spiritually and if I am not able to write again, for a safe trip back to Quito!!

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