Monday, June 8, 2009

Pray for the team in Ecuador

Tomorrow...Tuesday 2 of the 4 teams leave Quito for other areas in Ecuador.

Maya's team goes to Santo Domingo and the other team is going to El Coca. Both of these areas have malaria carrying mosquitos. These kids are as protected as they will ever be but please keep them in your prayers none-the-less!

Please leave comments for Maya if you want so when she gets back she can read them.



Anonymous said...

Hey Maya!! AWWWW I cant believe your in Ecuador!!! We totally need to do something when you get back!!Call Me!! I will be praying for you!! I love you!!!

nana said...

I'm so glad you have long pants and sleeves! You are all so incredible and strong, God has blessed the people whom you touch. He has given you sights of beauty to have some balance to all the devastation you may also see. Through your eyes, though I believe you see only beauty especially in the faces of the children! I love you. nana p.s. Miguel and i are praying for you.