Monday, June 8, 2009

#6 from Ecuador: Email from one of the kids to his family

Hello all!

I am sorry I have not been able to send an email until now; we are not staying in the same location as we did last year and there is no internet cafe nearby. This week has been absolutetly amazing! We have been working very hard at the first church, Carmen Bajo. Last year we were helping build the second floor and now one year later we are helping with the 4th floor! We have been doing worship every night at the seminary we are staying at which really helps get everyone recharged and focused on the next day.

The first 2 days we worked extremely hard all day. Wednesday I helped at a man´s house named Jose. He is in a wheelchair and barely has a shack for a home; one of the walls of his house was a tarp! He desperately needed help cleaning up his home and building some walls and a ramp so he could get to his workbench. It was very heartbreaking, but in the same breath he still praised God with everything he had!

In the afternoon I helped with a very crazy VBS. Thursday we got to spend a lot of time with our Compassion children, which was really fun. I was paired with Edwin and it was really fun because we played soccer and rented paddle boats. Friday we helped at a school and did some songs and skits. The children were very excited to see us and talk to us. All of the girls would come up to our guys and ask us our name in english and then run away giggling. It was pretty funny! Later that night we saw some of the city and prayed over all of Quito.

This morning we got to go on a tram that is way longer than the one at home in Albuquerque! We went to the top of a mountain that overlooked the entire city of Quito! It was amazing!! Well please continue praying for me and our team that God would work through us to reach the people of Ecuador!!

Keep our safety in your prayers as well as Quito is a pretty dangerous city. I am not sure the next time I will be able to update all of you, but I will do it as soon as possible.

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