Monday, June 8, 2009

#5 from Ecuador: Another one from one of the Leaders (from last friday)

Today was another great day, the kids were treated like ¨rock stars¨ while at the school and the program while shortened seems to have made a difference in many of the young childrens´lives. It rained a little today first time since we´ve gotten here. I must tell you that Colleen was simply amazing with the little kiddos her Spanish is improving with them everyday and she is so great about sharing the Gospel with the kids she was a crowd favorite. We have a few upset stomachs today but all in all it was another fine day. We are planning to do our festival at the Carmen Bajo Church tonight. So everyone pray that we can see many people come to Christ and that Perry Floyd´s message will be received and that God will speak through him. We all took some time this afternoon for a mandatory nap of an hour and half and no one seemed to mind we all needed the rest. We have been going and going and quite frankly it was needed and all the kids have a renewed vigor. Pray for strength as you know, Barry it is a marthon not a sprint here. God bless you all we love all of you so much and are so grateful for the prayers and support.
Mark Scales

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